Creamsicle Macarons

This past week I decided to give macarons another go. But with a new summer flavour involved! Creamsicle! Everyone's favorite treat in the summer! On the plus side, I also have had good experiences with macarons (even though this is my second time making them)!
And, this time they weren't hollow! Yay! So, get your sleeves rolled up and put on an apron because it's macaron making time!

Creamsicle Macarons

Makes two dozen


100g                ground almonds
100g                egg whites (aged)
200g                icing sugar
4 tbsp              granulated sugar

6 drops            orange food colouring

Grind the almonds in a food processor, sift the almonds and dispose of any large lumps. Measure them out again, add more if needed and sift again with icing sugar. In a large bowl whip the egg whites with the sugar. Whip until glossy and stiff, now is the time to add food colouring if desired. You should be able to hold the bowl upside down without anything falling out! Approximately 10 minutes. Dump the dry ingredients into the egg mixture and fold, scraping the sides and mixing until fully incorporated. When ready it should drip from the spatula to form ribbons. Don't over mix! Fill a piping bag fitted with a large round pastry tip with your macaron mixture. Pipe onto a tray lined with parchment paper. Don't pipe too big, 1" is enough. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Let your cookies sit at room temperature for about an hour to let them form a dry skin, this will help form feet. Bake for 8-10 minutes. You can test by touching the sides, if they wobble they are not done. Let the shells cool completely before removing from sheet.


2 tbsp              butter
1 cup               icing sugar
1/2 tsp             vanilla
1 + 1/2 tsp       orange zest
1 tsp                orange juice

Beat all ingredients together and transfer into a piping bag fitted with a small circular tip. Pipe a small amount of filling onto one shell and place another on top. Repeat until all have been filled. Store in an airtight container in the fridge! Enjoy!

These macarons taste just like a creamsicle (to me anyway)! They are sweet but not too sweet, just incredible! And I know people are like "Macarons! Oh no! I will fail, I'll never make them ever!" But people, they are so easy and so rewarding! Take it from me, a 14 year old. ;)

A big thank you to The Main Course for letting me borrow their stock!
*You can find this set of square bowls at The Main Course*

 Elanne Boake


  1. These are just GORGEOUS! I'm one of those intimidated by macarons, so you pretty much performed magic to me here! :)

    1. Thank you so much! You should really try them, I think it's just about practice!

    2. not just practice, it also depends on your oven and freshness of product. some people just have all the right factors and can churn out beautiful macs. i have done them every which way, got the consistency right....but my oven has hot spots and bakes them unevenly so no matter what i do...half come out broken/over-cooked..

    3. Those factors are also key, thank you for your input! :D

  2. Weird, I thought I already left a comment on this fabulous post. Strange.

    Anyway, these are really amazing! They look so professional for a second go. I'm jealous :)

    1. Thank you so much! (I think you may have commented on my facebook photo) :D

    2. It may have also gotten lost in the comments. Sometimes I just forget to publish them (being distracted by spam) and I don't get back to them.

  3. These are so beautiful. I'm going to try them sometime!

  4. Thank you Nicolthe! You should, they are great!

  5. I'm a young baker myself (16), and I've made macarons maannny times. I feel that people exaggerate the difficulty level of macarons far too often. As long as you don't over mix, there is simply nothing to worry! I hope I could be an encouragement to those who are afraid to try!


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