My name is Elanne Boake, I am a 16 year old Canadian Food Blogger.
This blog features mostly desserts and breakfast foods, along with tricks and comments on each recipe from yours truly. Here I share many interesting anecdotes that may be about my life or simply interesting stories that I think you guys may appreciate.
I have been baking for four years now as a hobby, (and many more as an assistant to my family) and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my creations online with you. I have many other interests and while I do not know what I want to pursue yet, I enjoy having the blog to pass my time and explore the many options that may come with knowing how to work in the kitchen.

My blog is meant to share what I have learned with you, and hopefully pass on some knowledge that will be useful to you in the kitchen. I wish that what I post on here will make you laugh, smile or even make you learn something new.