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Matcha & Sesame Écalirs

I've been to Japan three times now, and while I'm there I always see the most gorgeous desserts. Display cases packed with mousses and cakes and breads in bright colours with cute designs. It all looks so delicious, and yet I've never bought any.

I know. I'm a disgrace. I just can never decide on which one to get (plus I eat so much while I'm there already). Don't get me wrong, the prices are quite reasonable, I'm just a loser.

Therefore I decided to bring a couple of classic flavours I see there to my own house. Plus I put a little french twist on it. Matcha and Sesame Éclairs. The best of both culinary worlds. No excuses now.

What is not classic is the presentation of this dessert. Normally éclairs have a shiny glaze on top, but I was lacking meringue in my life so I decided to do that instead. I think it worked?
The recipe is so freaking easy too, and the flavours are to die for. If you have never had sesame before, it tastes almost like peanut butter…

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