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Hazelnut Mousse Crunch Bars

I'm the kind of person that usually only bakes something once.
I like to try new things, what can I say?
But, of course, there are always exceptions.
I went looking through my own blog (as you do) and I realized there are so many great recipes that I have never made again. Scrolling, I came across my Hazelnut Mousse Tart recipe and I noticed that I made it in 2015. How. I honestly don't believe it was that long ago.
Missing that amazing hazelnut-y flavour, I made the mousse again, but this time I added a little different spin on it. Crunch! Something that I happen to love in desserts, and yet, I don't add? I know, it makes no sense.

One thing I have always wanted to try was Pailleté Feuilletine, which is essentially chocolate mixed with these really thin crunchy cookie crumbs. And well, I can't be bothered to buy Feuilletine so the next best thing? Corn Flakes.
It worked really well, flavour and texture wise. Success! The only mistake I made was leaving the dessert i…

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