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Cereal Milk Macarons

Last summer I had gone out for ice cream with a couple friends-- as you do, and we all went to have Cereal Milk Ice Cream from a popular noodle bar in downtown Toronto, called Momofuku.
And man, was this ice cream delicious.
It tasted just like the milk you're left with after you finish your cereal. A strange taste/ idea when you think about it, and yet I completely fell in love.
It felt nostalgic and comforting, yet super simplistic.

I really wanted to try out that idea for myself, so that's how I came up with these Cereal Milk Macarons. I needed a filling that was milk based so I could easily flavour it with the cereal, so I decided to make a diplomat cream. Initially, I had the pastry cream to whipped cream ratio a bit off, so it didn't hold up in the shells. But I modified it and recipe should do the trick.

Cereal Milk Macarons

Makes about 25 macarons

Macaron Shells

100g         ground almonds, non-blanched
200g         icing sugar
100g         egg whites
4 tbsp   …

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