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Tahini Chocolate Macaron Tart

I really wanted to start looking into other macaron types/ recipes.
I've been using the same one for... 5 years now? And yeah, it's been pretty faithful. We've had our ups and downs, but overall we've been good. Although recently I've been starting to wonder: is this the best recipe out there?
There are so many bakeries and patisseries that make macarons, so many blogs that post about them and yet I rarely come across the same recipe twice. The quantities and ratios are vastly different among the macaron community. How can there be so many ways of making this cookie when they are so critically acclaimed to finnicky-ness?
I know that whenever my recipe messes up it's for very odd/ specific reasons. But I wonder if slightly altering the quantities/ method could lead to even more consistent results?

Therefore, I decided to experiment. I mean, I just bought a crap-ton of almond flour so why not?
I tried the Swiss meringue method and guess what? It worke…

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